Scottish Woodlands Student Excellence Award

The Scottish Woodlands Student Excellence Award was launched by The Scottish Forestry Trust in May 2011 to recognise excellence in the quality and relevance of the output from Trust funded PhD Studentships. The Award provides £400 per recipient as a result of funding provided by Scottish Woodlands Ltd. From 2021 the Award is expected to be presented  approximately every years as batches of Scottish Forestry Trust funded PhD studentships are completed. The Award for 2021 (covering PhD Theses from 2018-2020) is due to be announced in September 2021.

Scottish Woodlands Ltd is a leading Forestry Management Company with a long tradition of serving forest owners and investors in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Originally established in 1913 as The Cooperative Forestry Society, its history can be traced back for almost 100 years. The current company, which is substantially employee owned, has grown and developed significantly to become a major player in the British forestry and timber industry, delivering over 800,000 tonnes of timber per annum into UK sawmillers, and planting in excess of 25% of private sector new woodland expansion with an annual turnover in excess of £45 million.

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