The Bursary Award Scheme

The Scottish Forestry Trust has partnered with the Forestry Commission, Scottish Forestry and Natural Resources Wales (and their predecessor bodies) and has established a Bursary Award Scheme in order to benefit PhD and Masters research carried out in the UK for the benefit of UK forestry.

The scheme is subject to the SFT's general applicant guidance as well as specific scheme guidance and applicants should refer to both sets of guidance notes when preparing their submissions.  The main application form for the Bursary Award Scheme is available here.

At the time of making an application, applicants are expected to have formal approval for at least 70% of funding (including the sum requested from the Trust). The balance of funding should be approved and available to the project within 3 months of the date of the formal contract issued by the Trust. Failure to do so may result in the offer from the Trust being withdrawn


Highlighted Projects