After your application is approved

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a formal contract from the Trust agreeing to provide funding according to certain terms and conditions. This contract should be signed and returned to the Director and a copy kept by you for reference.
Typically these conditions will include:-

  • A schedule of reporting dates tied to release of payment dates
  • A requirement to acknowledge the Trust's support in all published articles relating to the project
  • A commitment to publish articles summarising the outcomes of the project in practical terms
  • A requirement to provide photo's and text for use in the Trust's Annual Report or on our website as appropriate

Submission of progress reports

Your contract will detail the timings of when progress reports are due.  These dates are really important to us and are there to tie in with the Trust's scheduled business meetings.  Should a progress report be submitted after the due date without very good reason, it will be deferred to the next available meeting date, without exception.

Content of progress reports

Each project is different and there is no set length or format for individual progress reports.  However, a section must be included in the report which:-

  • summarises the original aims and objectives of the project;
  • describes the achievement towards those aims and objectives in the reporting period;
  • highlights the remaining tasks to be done before the close of the project and
  • indicates whether there have been any material changes in resourcing (staff or budget) within the project in the reporting period.

Your final report should include the above points plus a summary of lessons learned and any recommendations made including the need for any further research. The final report should be accompanied by a 150-300 word summary of the project, the content of which will be posted on the website.

All reports should be sent to the Director.

Timings for report submissions are contained within your contract and specific dates for the submission of reports are the same as for new applications and will be notified on the website from time to time.

Acknowledgement and use of our logo

We are delighted to support your project and are happy for you to acknowledge our support. We have provided guidance on how you should acknowledge our support and use our logo and have made it available for download.

If Something Changes

We understand that projects can sometimes change as they develop and that organisations may have to adapt to changes in certain circumstances.  If anything significant happens to the work we are funding, or to your organisation (e.g. a student leaving a course), or if the timescale of a project is changed in some way, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss this.  We believe in having honest and open relationships with our grant recipients and would really appreciate it if you would contact us to discuss any variations before they are implemented.  Not doing so may result in us being forced to reclaim any funds that have not been used for the intended purpose and may affect the rest of our agreement together.

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