Built by Nature: Sharing value chain stories to facilitate change

Carried out by: Evolving Forests

Summary Description:

If we are to seriously increase woodland management in the UK and homegrown timber into construction, increasing the volumes of carbon stored in the built environment, cross-industry knowledge sharing and open discussion is vital. We will use the creation of richly visual and compelling media (video, animation, writing, narration) to act as a catalyst to join up stakeholders to discuss current issues, techniques, and innovations. This project will bring lessons from across Europe in forest management and construction to UK specific contexts through its matching with Built by Nature (BbN) funding. The media will act as a vehicle to spark deeper debate and forward-looking panel discussions on the current and future possibilities of UK timber in construction and resilient woodland management practices. Support from SFT will extend this work and enable a number of podcasts based on the above to be developed.

Timescale: 2023-2024

SFT Funds Awarded: £5,000

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