Identification of Filamentous Pathogens in Leaves

Carried out by: University of Birmingham (BiFor)

Summary Description:

This Bursary project aims to use Raman spectroscopy to deepen the understanding of fungal infections within trees, specificall ash die back and oak powdery mildew. This will involve examining the leaf wax and cuticle layers of leaves from the respective trees and using Raman spectroscopy to identify any microscopic chemical changes. This knowledge will be used to develop a sensor to allow early identification of ash dieback and oak powdery mildew in the field.

The project will be building on current and past research into leaf Raman spectroscopy by developing a detailed model of fungal infection and resistance.

Timescale: 2021-2024

SFT Funds Awarded: £18,000

SFT/FC Joint Bursary Award Scheme:. This project has received funding from the SFT/FC Joint Bursary Award.

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