Reports & Publications

A list of reprints and publications of projects that have received support from the Trust up to April 2009 is available from the above link.

Publications from projects that have been completed after this date can be found in the table below.

Structural change during transformation in the Glentress Trial - an update
Hamish Mackintosh, Gary Kerr & Thomas Connolly
RSFS Scottish Forestry
Vol 67, No 3, 2013
CCTV enables the discovery of new barbastelle (Barbastella barbastellus) vocalisations and activity patterns near a roost
Young, S., Carr, A., Jones, G.,
Acta Chiropterologica
20, 263-272.
Ground-based and LiDAR-derived measurements reveal scale-dependent selection of roost characteristics by the rare tree-dwelling bat Barbastella barbastellus.
Carr, A., Zeale, M.R.K., Weatherall, A., Froidevaux, J.S.P., Jones, G.,
Forest Ecology and Management.
417, 237-246.
Investigating the effects of management in temperate broadleaved woodland on bats and their insect prey. PhD thesis
Andy Carr
University of Bristol, Bristol, UK2018
Roost selection by a rare tree-dwelling bat at different spatial scales
Carr, A., Zeale, M.R.K., Weatherall, A., Jones, G.,
European Bat Research Symposium
Symposium 2017, Donostia, Spain. (5)
Alternative models for productive upland forestry; Model 2: Sitka spruce mixtures with alternative conifers
Scott McG Wilson and Andrew D Cameron
Scottish Forestry
Vol 69 No 1 2015
Intraspecific variation in susceptibility to dothistroma needle blight within native Scottish Pinus sylvestris
S Fraser; A V Brown; S Woodward
Plant Pathology
Vol 64, issue 4, pages 864-870
Adoption of alternative silvicultural systems in Great Britain: A review
Scott McG Wilson
Quarterly Journal of Forestry
October 2013
Soil organic carbon and root distribution in a temperate arable agroforestry system
Upson, M.A; Burges, P.J.
Plant and Soil
Plant and Soil, December 2013, Volume 373, Issue 1-2, pp 43-58
Ash in a changing climate
Clark, J.R
Woodland Heritage Journal
Woodland Heritage Journal 2012, 78-79
Seasonal patterns of photosynthesis under extreme winter conditions of 2009/2010 reveal adaptive differentiation among native Scots pine populations (Pinus sylvestris) in Scotland.
Matti J. Salmela, Stephen Cavers, Joan E. Cottrell, Glen R Iason, Richard A. Ennos (2010)
Forest Ecology and Management
Forest Ecology and Management 262 (2011) 1020–1029
Fast phenotyping using chlorophyll fluorescence detects drought response in a common-garden trial of five native Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) populations in Scotland.
Matti J. Salmela, Stephen Cavers, Joan E. Cottrell & Richard A. Ennos (2010)
submitted to Plant, Cell and Environment2010
Understanding the evolution of native pinewoods in Scotland will benefit their future management and conservation.
Matti J. Salmela, Stephen Cavers, Witold Wachowiak, Joan E. Cottrell, Glenn Iason
Volume 83, Number 5
Volunteering in nature as a way of enabling people to reintegrate into society
Liz O'Brien, Ambra Burls, Mardie Townsend and Matthew Ebden
Perspectives in Public Health
Perspectives in Public Health 2011 131: 71 originally published online 18 November 2010
The effects of transformation of even-aged stands to continuous cover forestry on conifer log quality and wood properties in the UK
Elspeth Macdonald, Barry Gardiner and William Mason
Issue 83 (1): 1-16.
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