Proof of concept and scoping studies

The Scottish Forestry Trust has over time funded a wide range of research, education and training projects, typically where there is a clear understanding of the proposed methodology and likely outputs. However, we recognize that there are situations where the existing evidence and depth of information may limit the design of such a project.  In such circumstances, a smaller investigatory study may be required.

The Trust has therefore decided to provide contributory support to Research Organisations, HEI’s and other interested parties for Proof of Concept and Scoping studies. The projects we will consider for support should essentially be of a reconnaissance nature in which information is gathered in order to establish strengths and weaknesses; to identify gaps in existing research and to describe and interpret information that will help to identify and clarify further research opportunities.

Projects that are supported under this scheme must be consistent with the overall aims of the Trust and preferably undertaken as a preliminary step to applying for either General assistance or assistance under the Trust’s Bursary Scheme. Funds are restricted and the assistance is available on a first come first served basis.

Guidance on the eligibility criteria for this scheme is available here.
Applications can be submitted to the Director at any time.

Applications should be submitted on the appropriate form available for download here

The Scottish Forestry Trust will indicate whether it will support the request within four weeks of receiving the application.

Highlighted Projects