Working Woods for Foresters

Carried out by: Institute of Chartered Foresters with ASHS

Summary Description:

Working Woods for Foresters is a two-day training event that offers foresters and woodland managers a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge of how to grow and manage deciduous trees for the production of hardwood timber. It will bring together a group of participants from across the sector and promote knowledge sharing and networking.

The content is based on a highly successful three-day course run several times by ASHS for a wider range of professionals; in targeting forest managers, the course will focus on key aspects of silvicultural management for managing broadleaf woodland for timber. This will help delegates capitalise on the increasing opportunities for hardwood production, diversify their practice and grow a network of colleagues to collaborate with.

Timescale: 2023-2023

SFT Funds Awarded: £3,511

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