Identifying Alternatives to Conventional Plastic Tree Shelters

Carried out by: Forest Research in behalf of the Forestry Plastics Group

Summary Description:

The high cost of returning to a site and removing and disposing of used plastic tree shelters at the end of their useful life has meant that in many cases they are simply left to gradually photodegrade. Not only is this unsightly, but it forms a source of plastic micro pollution in the developing forest. For this reason, a number of manufacturers have been striving in recent years to develop tree shelters, often made from materials other than conventional plastics, that could in theory be left in situ on site without a need for them to be removed and recycled.


This project aims to independently verify the durability and efficacy of a range of these alternative products. Depending on results, the intention would be to publish at least one paper in a reputable peer reviewed scientific journal to publicise our findings. In addition, a dedicated webpage will be set up, and at least one trade journal article will be produced to publicise the scientific paper, and to give clear, practical recommendations for managers.

Timescale: 2021-2027

SFT Funds Awarded: £17,500

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