Fraxi Queen of the Forest-a new theatre production for young audiences

Carried out by: Asylon Theatre

Summary Description:

This new theatre production is inspired by Ash die-back and mythology of ash trees and is aimed at young audiences principally primary school age.

The story is about change. Change that is the only constant in life. The audience discover the cycles of nature through the story of Fraxi the ash tree and the people connected to her over several generations of one family. Through the story they learn that nothing ever really dies in nature and that everything is always changing. It is a touching story of love, friendship, and resilience.

The project’s aim is to inspire children to care for and learn more about trees as well as raise awareness about importance of protection of local habitats as a way for sustainability of our natural environments.

Support from the Trust is targeted at post production workshops and accesibility costs. At present, the production is expected to tour primary schools in Edinburgh, Fife, Aberdeenshire, East Renfrewshire and the Outer Hebrides.

Timescale: 2015-2016

SFT Funds Awarded: £4,950

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