Developing an Industry Contribution Mechanism

Carried out by: Confor

Summary Description:

A number of current and emerging issues, such as the declining availability of funding for research, the fracturing of the Forestry Commission, reliance on public sector funding which does not always lead to commercially quantifiable outcomes, and a move by government to a ‘Responsibility and Cost Sharing’ model for the setting of priorities and funding of projects of joint interest, provide both a driver and an opportunity for the creation of an Industry Contribution Mechanism.

The purpose of the Fund would be to raise funds to support industry research and promotion, market information and skills development. The industry has a record of supporting these activities but on an ad hoc basis, which makes long term planning and strategic development problematic.

This project will build on initial scoping work undertaken by the applicant. It will provide options for the raising, administration and distribution of funds, consult with industry and potential recipients on the implications of these options, and make recommendations as to the optimum outcome.

Timescale: 2019

SFT Funds Awarded: £4,000

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