An Interview with George Stewart (born 1919): A century in forestry

Carried out by: Royal Scottish Forestry Society

Summary Description:

The former Forestry Commissioner, George Stewart, in 1919, some 3 days after the first tree was planted by the newly formed Forestry Commission. After service in WWII he became a Forestry Commissioner. George’s forestry career covered the great post-WWII expansion of forestry, the development of innovative forest research and technical development, the rise of the private forestry sector, the expansion of recreation and conservation objectives (in which he had a significant part), and the devolution vote in Scotland in 1979 and its potential implications for forestry governance. He will thus turn 100 at the height of the FC centenary. As part of the commemorations of this centenary, it is proposed to record a video of George who is uniquely placed to describe his life in forestry in the 20th century.

Timescale: 2019

SFT Funds Awarded: £1,500

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