Funding for collaborative research projects overseas

Trustees have decided to extend their support and encourage applications involving overseas collaboration on research projects within specified parameters. The assistance will be available for the period up to our application closure date of 27th October 2017.

There are three circumstances where assistance will be considered and these are :-

1 - Where the study could only be carried out overseas due to the quarantine status of an organism but where the results of the research would be highly relevant to the UK. An overseas organisation with access to the organism and with appropriate facilities could host the study.

2 - Where the socio-economic or industrial context provides a strong parallel worthy of study and where there would be a clear opportunity to implement the findings in the UK. Indicators would include the context in temperate, nemoral or boreal forests; organisms including tree species of interest to the UK; facilities or governance arrangements uniquely available overseas but which provide novel study opportunities for UK relevant research.

3 - Where a source of match funding comes from one or more European Universities.  The proposed topic could be of relevance to all countries involved and may involve sampling there too, and the student may be based overseas.

In all cases, the applicant body must be a UK based institution who is partnering in the collaborative study. This organisation will be responsible for providing supervision for the student and sourcing contributory funding towards the total project cost.

Applicants should use this application form and, on completion should e-mail it to the Director by the deadlines given on this page.

Highlighted Projects