Tree pests and diseases appeal

Ash is the third most common tree in the UK and the much-publicized threats to its existence through the disease Chalara fraxinea, are now beginning to be understood and the potential impacts on our woodlands could be very significant.  Unfortunately, Ash is but one of several tree species including a number of our pines and larches, that are being attacked by other pests and diseases right now and more work needs to be done to understand these threats in more detail.

We are supporting research into some of these diseases at the moment and currently run a Tree Health Scotland Bursary Award Scheme to support research on tree pests and diseases in Scotland but sadly, there are even more pests and diseases that have not yet reached our shores and we need to do even more to help support the vital research necessary to have responses to these threats when they do eventually arrive

You can help right now by making a donation to help us support research into the future survival of woodlands in the UK.

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